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Fillet Teams

Add and remove team members with one click. Sync and share data to work together conveniently. Get the most up-to-date data from everyone in your team.

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Set up nutrition information for ingredients and Fillet calculates nutrition for your products and recipes, automatically.

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Import Price Data

Import Price Data is a tool that helps you to import large amounts of price data quickly.

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Fillet Origins

See Country of Origin for recipes and menu items. Enter the Country of Origin for each ingredient.

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Keep records to comply with food labelling laws. For each menu item, see the different label options and download assets to use as labels.

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View the chain of relationships from the lowest level (the component) to the top level (the selected object).

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مۇۋەپپەقىيەت ھېكايىلىرى

Three friends and Fillet customers smiling and opening a bottle of wine.

30 يىل ئىلگىرى, ئېگېرازازا بېلۇنو داپېمىراپ -ھەكەتتە قۇرۇلغان. يىللار بىللە ئىشلەۋاتقاندىن كېيىن, ئۈچ ھاياتلىق باشقۇرۇشنى ئەمەلدىن قالدۇردى. بۇ دوستلار لۇيىگى, دانىيا ۋە گىئوۋاننى.

تولۇق ھېكايىنى كۆرۈڭ

100,000 kitchens, around the world

Fillet غا ئىشىنىدىغان مىڭلىغان كارخانىلارغا قوشۇلۇڭ

رېستوران, مېھمانخانا, بەيتىس, كېسەك قىلغۇچىلار, پىۋا, پىۋا, پىۋا قىلىدۇ, پراكتىكانتلار, مەھەللە يۈك ماشىنىسى, يېمەكلىكتىن باشقا مۈلۈكلەر, ئىسسىقلىق ۋە ئىشلەپچىقارغۇچىلار قاتارلىقلار.