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The Station Bakery

Welcome to The Station Bakery! Geared towards home bakers, my channel is all about the tips, tricks, treats and trends to inspire you to create your best cakes, cupcakes, cookies and be successful in your home bakery business.

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ReD Academy

Corsi per diventare cuoco professionista, pasticcere, operatore di cucina o operatore di panificio e pastificio.
Corsi di inglese e francese per la ristorazione.
Ogni scheda riporta tutti i dettagli del corso, dagli orari, al prezzo, fino al piano didattico e ai docenti.

Courses to become a professional cook, pastry chef, kitchen operator or bakery and pastry operator.
English and French courses for catering.
Each card shows all the details of the course, from the timetable, the price, to the teaching plan and the teachers.

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Seed 2 Market

Our goal is to guide a new generation of chefs, urban farmers, food & natural body care entrepreneurs towards success. Without understanding the principles of business, simply being a good cook or having a great product is not enough to succeed in the marketplace.

Our program will help prepare participants for the growing cultural shift that is happening with the demand for healthier foods and local farm to table value added products.

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