Country of Origin Labelling

11 август, 2023 ел

We are releasing this feature today to help our customers stay compliant with increasingly complex food labeling requirements in Australia, the European Union, Japan, and the United States.

In this initial release, you will be able to enter the Country of Origin for your ingredients, and view the Country of Origin for your recipes and menu items.

In addition, we are also introducing Layers: a new feature that helps you understand and visualize the hierarchy of components inside recipes and menu items.

These features are currently in the Technology Preview stage.

We plan to make them generally available as part of our new Fillet Origins module that will be sold separately.

What we are releasing today is just the beginning of our development in this direction.

We believe in transparency and traceability in the global food supply chain and will continue to build the best tools to help our customers who share our vision.